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Sterling Heights, MI
We Have Your Residential Masonry Needs Covered.
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Reliable Masonry Restoration Services in Sterling Heights, MI

Schultz Masonry, Sterling Heights' premier masonry contractor, proudly provides exceptional repair and restoration services to residents in the Sterling Heights, MI, area. Understanding the intricate nature and urgency of masonry projects, we specialize in the meticulous cleaning, repairing, or replacing of bricks to safeguard your home.

Our highly skilled masonry contractors prioritize the structural integrity of your home while enhancing its overall aesthetics. Schultz Masonry is committed to delivering prompt responses and reliable services, offering a diverse range of stamped concrete and specialized masonry solutions. Whether it's revitalizing aging mortar or constructing a new brick patio, we are your trusted choice in Sterling Heights. Reach out to us for a complimentary estimate and discuss your upcoming masonry project today!

To initiate a conversation about your upcoming masonry project and obtain a free estimate, get in touch with us now!

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Masonry Repair Services in Sterling Heights

As a premier masonry repair service provider in Sterling Heights, MI, and the nearby regions, Schultz Masonry is focused on delivering holistic solutions to meet diverse needs. Our team of proficient masonry contractors collectively brings over 25 years of experience to each project, demonstrating a commitment to providing exceptional craftsmanship and dependable service for all your masonry needs.

Whether you're undertaking residential or commercial projects, selecting Schultz Masonry in Sterling Heights, MI, is a surefire way to enhance the value of your property. Delve into our project gallery to gain insights into our previous endeavors or reach out to us at (586) 738-8414 for a free estimate on our masonry contractor services.

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We Deliver Perfect Results, Every Time

We listen to our clients to create masonry masterpieces they love

Project’s Goals

We work with our clients to help them achieve everything they want from their project.

Material Selection
and Planning

We will walk you through your material and style options and begin to plan your project.


We get to work bringing your project to life.


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Taking Pride in Our Masonry Services

We collaborate with our clients to ensure that their masonry construction project aligns with their standards.

Defining Your Project's Objectives

Collaborating closely, we assist our clients in achieving their project's every goal.

Material Selection & Strategic Planning

Guiding you through material and style options, we embark on meticulous planning to set the foundation for your project.

Bringing Your Project to Life

With detailed planning in place, our team engages in the execution phase, working diligently to transform your vision into reality.

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Our Masonry Contracting History in Sterling Heights, MI

Upon our establishment in 2017, Schultz Masonry emerged with a skilled team boasting over 20 years of collective masonry experience. Our commitment is unwavering—to deliver dependable, prompt, and professional services that cultivate customer loyalty. Rely on our efficient, fully licensed team for exceptional work at a competitive price—we don't rest until our clients are entirely satisfied! With a focus on transparency and communication, we take pride in our craftsmanship, ensuring a seamless process from estimate to completion.

Schultz Masonry, distinguished by reliable service and quick response time, is your trusted source for stamped concrete and specialized masonry contractor services in Sterling Heights, MI, and neighboring areas. We aim not just to meet but to surpass your expectations when it comes to addressing issues like old mortar repair, damaged masonry, or constructing a brick patio.

To get started, call us at (586) 738-8414 or contact us online.

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